Monday, July 6, 2009

Spiritual Gifts - Week 3

Pastor Andrew teaches on the "weird" gifts, including tongues, prophecy and healing.

A personal note: In listening back to the sermon, there is a ill-chosen illustration, one that I intended to use to set up a humorous contrast to show how any one gift, in this case tongues, should not be elevated in such a way to say that those with the gift are "more spiritual" than someone who does not have it - trying to set up a humorous contrast between (non-tongue speaking) Billy Graham and a (tongue speaking) snake-handler.

My words did not come out well, or in the way I intended, and I fear some listeners might hear my illustration as "making fun" of people who have a more rural appearance or have dental problems. Please know that this was not my intent, and accept my sincere apology for misspeaking and any offense this may cause.